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All Routes Lead To Rome

IO2 foresees a MAPPING of Roman Routes and an analysis of their potential towards the creation of entrepreneurial initiatives. The goal is to carry out a SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH aimed at analyzing:

the level of knowledge of the Students in the field of ROMAN ROUTE entrepreneurship and tourism; how aware they are of the opportunities that the enhancement of Roman roads offer in terms of economic growth, creation of new jobs and sustainable development of cultural heritage; what are their skills present and what is missing. This activity will be carried out thanks to a series of analyses and surveys that aim at clarifing the state of the art.
This includes mapping of Roman roads, existing economic and cultural activities associated with them, and summarising data about Roman roads and their economic potential to European young people.


The aim of this document “MAPPING ON THE ENTREPRENEURIAL POTENTIAL OF THE ROMAN ROUTES” is to provide with a full picture of the degree of students’ knowledge about Roman Roads, their awareness of the opportunities in terms of sustainable economic growth as well as social development linked with the ancient roman routes. Taking into consideration that in the European panorama of cultural heritage Roman Routes are particular important, with this paper ALL ROUTES LEAD TO ROME consortium wants to provide a clear idea of what are the existing and missing skills in order to fill the gap between the current situation and the desired one.

Overall results of the Primary Research confirm there is room for investing in the entrepreneurship education, but most of all on the enhancement of the Roman Routes potential. In fact, the analyses revealed the presence of several educational needs that might be fulfilled (from the bureaucratic, legal and managerial aspects useful to run a business to coaching and leadership trainings), as well as more specific subjects of interest (e.g. javellin board, high pitch concept).

Results from Secondary Research revealed that there are many Roman Routes currently active and crossed; also, those Roman Routes retain a great potential to become an important economic driving force and to be the starting point for new economic development projects, both locally and in a transnational perspective. Many people are unaware of this potential and this document, together with the training materials provided by the ALL ROUTES LEAD TO ROME project, will fill this gap.

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