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All Routes Lead To Rome

IO3 is the main Output of the project and consists in the creation of training contents to be loaded on the platform.
This is an accompanying path to provide users with the tools for effective training and / or search for professional opportunities and aims to:

• Encourage autonomous learning and stimulate creativity;
• Encourage entrepreneurship training (particularly on cultural tourism)
• Promote experiential learning;
• Foster flexibility in learning.
• Offer non-formal education courses on entrepreneurship related to tourism issues also aimed at disadvantaged people.

Specifically, it consists of the creation of a series of courses and educational training fiches in e-learning mode and micro e-learning developed taking into account the specific needs of young people.
The initialli identified (indicative) contents are the following:

- Canvas for tourism companies
- Role of Roman roads in connecting cultural and economic centers over the centuries;
- European experiences of exploiting Roman routes;
- Knowledge of the Roman roads: dating, function, construction techniques, challenges faced in the realization on different types of territories;
- Collection European best practices;
- Cultural economy: how to enhance cultural heritage in a new sustainable economy;
- National and European legislation on the conservation and enhancement of the landscape;
- National and European legislation concerning youth entrepreneurship;
- How to create a professional and effective website for your business
- Business models related to tourism;
- High Pitch Concept;
- Javelin
- methodologies for cultural tourism;