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Presentation of ROMAN ROUTES project in the Multiplier Event of SILVHER project

On Monday, 14th June 2021, the DAISSy research group of the Hellenic Open University organized the Greek online event entitled "Valorization and promotion of Cultural Heritage", in order to disseminate the results of the Erasmus+ project S.I.L.V.HER.

During the event, the SILVHER project objectives and the blended learning course were presented. The course has been delivered to University students in Italy, Portugal and Turkey. The e-learning platform that supports the online part of the SILVHER course was developed by the Greek partner, that is the DAISSy group.

The multiplier event, also, included invited speakers and presenations of other European projects related to the tangible and intangible cultural heritage, the cultural heritage management and tourism, which Hellenic Open University either coordinates or participates in.

Mrs. Chara Kokinou, researcher with the DAISSy research group, presented the content and outcomes of the European project ROMAN ROUTES, which explores the economical potential of the ancient Roman roads in terms of employability, self-entrepreneurship, and local development. Mrs. Kokinou also presented the ten short courses on cultural entrepreneurship which are available free of charge, and without registration, on the project platform.

The audience of the event consisted of students and graduates of study programmes related to Culture and Tourism, researchers and educators. The event was organized online due to the epidemiological data of the country during this period, and it was broadcasted live on the DAISSy YouTube channel.